Welcome to Crook Point, a point located in Southern Oregon along the Pacific Coast between the communities of Brookings and Gold Beach.

From nearly every viewpoint on the Oregon coast, colossal rocks can be seen jutting out of the Pacific Ocean creating postcard images. Each of these rocks is protected as part of Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge includes 1,853 rocks, reefs and islands and two headland areas and spans 320 miles of the Oregon coast. Public access to the coastal rocks and islands and the Crook Point Unit is closed to public use. All of the island acreage is designated National Wilderness, with the exception of 1-acre Tillamook Rock and Lighthouse. Spectacular viewing opportunities exist at numerous locations along the coast or visit the Coquille Point Unit of the refuge where visitor facilities will enhance your experience

Nearby Cities & Towns

Pistol River, OR (1.9 miles NNE)
Carpenterville, OR (4.3 miles ESE)
Hunter Creek, OR (9.4 miles N)
Gold Beach, OR (10.8 miles N)
Wedderburn, OR (12.3 miles N)
Brookings, OR(15.3 miles SSE)
Harbor, OR (15.7 miles SSE)
Nesika Beach, OR (17.6 miles N)

Nearby Golf Courses

Bandon Face Rock (65.8 miles N). Visit
Bandon Dunes (72.3 miles N). Visit
Bandon Crossings (60.8 miles N). Visit
Cedar Bend (25.9 miles N). Visit
Salmon Run(15.3 miles SSE). Visit